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Module for MagicMirror2. Display the air quality index from looko2 air quality Sensor.
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This is a module for the MagicMirror².

Display the air quality index from looko2 sensor.


Using the module

To use this module, add the following configuration block to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

var config = {
	modules: [
		module: "MMM-Looko2-aq",
		position: "top_right",
		header: "Air Quality Index",
		config: {
                	deviceId: "", // from
                	locationName: "Street, City",    
			showIndex: true,
                	showDetails: true,
                	lang: "en" // pl

Configuration options

Option Description
deviceId Required The device id for that you you want to show the air quality. Select device on heatmap and get it from search param.
locationName Optional Show location label.
showIndex Optional Toggle index printing.
showDetails Optional Toggle PM10, PM2.5, PM1 values printing.
showDetails Optional Change the language. Default en.
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