A simple utility to generate tasks in bulk in TFS
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Bulk Generation of Tasks in TFS

What is it?

Just a simple utility to generate tasks in bulk in TFS. The utility contains a constructor of templates for tasks generation; the templates give abilty to specify a list of task properties that have to be set on creation.

What for?

It usually took me hours to add all tasks for a sprint to TFS. The main idea is to make this procedure significantly faster.

How to build?

The solution requires Team Explorer for Visual Studio 2010 (or newer) to be installed. It has references to a few Microsoft.TeamFoundation.*.dll which provide TFS API.

How to use?

The main form is divided in 3 parts:

  • main menu: you can select a TFS project here, specify an area and/or an iteration to filter displayed work items and select a template for tasks creation. The default template containing all required fields is created automatically for each project. You can add more templates in case of need.
  • left panel: work items tree is displayed here; it can be filtered by area and/or iteration. You also can load a selected item specifying its ID.
  • right panel: tasks template is displayed here; fields that should be the same for all new tasks are listed in the top part (e.g. State); items that should be unique for each item (e.g. Title) are listed in the grid below. The grid supports pasting data copied from Excel.

Use Task Template -> Manage Templates menu item to create/edit/delete tasks templates.

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Project migrated from https://bulktasksgeneration.codeplex.com/