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MySQL fork maintained and used at Twitter

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This is a release of MySQL, a GPL (free) SQL database server (more
licence information in the PUBLIC file and in the reference manual).

Please read the Upgrading section in the manual if emigration from
3.20.# to 3.21.#. Otherwise it wont work!!

The latest information about MySQL can be found at:

To see what it can do take a look at the features section in the

For installation instructions see the Installation chapter in the

For future plans see the TODO appendix in the manual.

New features/bug fixes history is in the news appendix in the manual.

For the currently known bugs/misfeatures (known errors) see the bugs
appendix in the manual.

For examples of SQL and benchmarking information see the bench

The manual mentioned above can be found in the Docs directory. The
manual is available in the following formats: as text in
Docs/manual.txt, as HTML in Docs/manual_toc.html, as GNU Info in
Docs/ and as PostScript in Docs/

For a contributed user manual see

MySQL is brought to you by  the MySQL team at MySQL AB

For a list of developers and other contributors, see the Credits appendix
in the manual.



Send bug (error) reports, questions and comments to the mailing list

Please use the 'mysqlbug' script when posting bug reports or questions
about MySQL. mysqlbug will gather some information about your system
and start your editor with a form in which you can describe your
problem. Bug reports might be silently ignored by the MySQL
maintainers if there is not a good reason included in the report as to
why mysqlbug has not been used. A report that says 'MySQL does not
work for me. Why?' is not consider a valid bug report.

The mysqlbug script can be found in the 'scripts' directory in the
distribution, that is 'there-you-installed-mysql/scripts'.
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