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  • Auto setup rubygems from Gemfile, bundle and generate related files.
  • Can be used in exists project.


group :development do
  gem 'venus', '~> 0.8.6'
  • Edge version
group :development do
  gem 'venus', :git => 'git://'

bundle update venus


  • rails_panel generator for debugging request in Chrome.

    rails generate venus:rails_panel
  • better_errors generator for rendering errors clearly.

    rails generate venus:better_errors
  • Hipchat generator for notification while deploy.

    rails generate venus:hipchat
  • installation for cloud exceptions storage.

    rails generate venus:sentry
  • newrelic_rpm gem.

    rails generate venus:newrelic
  • puma server

    rails generate venus:puma
  • unicorn for zero downtime deployment

    rails generate venus:unicorn
  • asset_sync for upload assets files to AWS S3 after precompile

    rails generate venus:asset_sync
  • sidekiq for background job

    rails generate venus:sidekiq
  • paper_trail for model versioning

    rails generate venus:versioning
  • Twitter Bootstrap theme and Unicorn Admin optional.

    rails generate venus:bootstrap
  • Carrierwave installation and carrierwave-meta, rmagick, fog (for AWS S3) optional and give a sample uploader.

    rails generate venus:carrierwave
  • jQuery UI (including datepicker and more jQuery-UI plugins)

    rails generate venus:jqueryui
  • Chosen for jQuery (see demo:

    rails generate venus:chosen
  • Amazon Web Service api keys for official aws-sdk (including SES).

    rails generate venus:aws
  • Redis client and related gems (redis-objects) for optional.

    rails generate venus:redis
  • Omniauth for multiple omniauth (Facebook, Twitter, Github) in model User.

    rails generate venus:omniauth
  • Capistrano for deloyment.

    rails generate venus:deploy
  • simple_form and its related gems (including nested_form)

    rails generate venus:simple_form
  • Essentail gems (kminari...etc) and setup (removing public/index.html ...etc).

    rails generate venus:init
  • MySql database connection

    rails generate venus:mysql
  • kaminari for pagination

    rails generate venus:paginate
  • settingslogic for all YAML configurations.

    rails generate venus:settingslogic
  • devise for user login, default generate model User

    rails generate venus:devise
  • RSpec testing framework

    rails generate venus:rspec


  • MongoDB configuration.
  • RailsAdmin or ActiveAdmin.
  • Amazon Elastic Cache & cells.


Just send pull request :)