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Stabagotchi is a digital pet android app. It’s a fun game for kids, or anyone who enjoys idle tapping games. Individual project using Java and Android. Now available on the app store!
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Stabagotchi - an android app

This was the Java project for the CodeClan programming course. I chose to make a digital pet as an android app based on my previous knowledge of other similar games. The look of the app was inspired around pixel art and old school platformers. Here is a little screenshot gif:

Stabagotchi Demo

See it in action

Download it from the google play store at


As this was a CodeClan project, I was not able to use any frameworks as this was part of the spec. This project was to be completed in 4 days. I outlined my MVP and extensions in my trello board for this project at


I wanted to push myself and make an an android app with Java logic. To begin, I used TDD to code the logic for the game up to the MVP part. I then developed a basic android interface. At this point I had one day of development time left so I chose to implement the time feature so that the health would go down in time. I also introduced evil mode but this was done on the same activity, which is definitely not good practive.

Learning points

This project was a really good consolidation of my knowledge of Java and android. I'm proud of what I achieved in a relatively short space of time. If I had more time I would have more activities in android to have a starting screen, and a separate activity for evil mode. I would also implement a list view for the food instead of the clunky buttons.

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