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C# Padding Oracle Attack

A demonstration of a padding Oracle attack in C#.

Info & build

The solution containing the projects PaddingOracleAttackTest and PaddingOracleAttackLib is developed under mono, it should be easily used from Visual Studio also.


You can use the class PaddingOracleAttacker from the library project PaddingOracleAttackLib in order to perform padding oracle attacks.

This class accepts an Oracle object in the constructor. The Oracle should implement the interface PaddingOracleAttackLib.ICBCOracle. The function bool RequestOracle (byte[] cipher) takes a byte array as cipher (usually 32 bytes IV+data) and returns true on a valid padding, false otherwise.

Take a look at PaddingOracleAttackTest/Oracles for two examples of such Oracles:

  • AES_CBCOracle: implements a simple padding Oracle using AES as the cipher.
  • OnlineCBCOracle: this is an online padding Oracle.

Check Main.cs for how to use both of these.