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Print YES or NO!


endpoint function format example admin
/$DATE/$TEAM YES/NO HTML* 20171022/RedWings
/$TEAM/$DATE YES/NO HTML* RedWings/20171111
/get_schedule Print Schedule JSON
/version Print Schedule Update Time JSON/ISODATE { "version": "2018-01-27T08:57:00.372800" }
/menu Present user with a clickable menu HTML
/update_schedule Update Schedule 202 on changed Y

* If you use Curl, Wget or Python-Urllib then all you get is YES or NO


case insensitive:

What do these mean?

  • Not choosing anything just tells you if there was a game yesterday
  • Choosing a team means you only get YES if that team played yesterday.
  • Choosing a date means you only get YES if there is a game on that date.
  • Choosing a team and a date you only get YES if the chosen team plays/played on that date.
  • Choosing a team incorrectly and a date correctly you only get YES if there was/is a game on that date

There's also:


  • Persistent team selection using HTML5 Web Storage. If you choose a team in the menu and you later revisit (from the same browser) you'll see the result for that team.
  • This works with the new website (2017-)


So I(author) live in a timezone where the NHL games are often over at 5am in the morning, sometimes they start then. I tend to watch replays. I'm not always sure if there was a game yesterday. Schedules online often have the results, news or "yes, also it went to overtime" to spoil the game.

It would be really nice if I could just browse to $URL/team and it would tell me if my team played yesterday or during Stanley Cup (or regular season) $URL would be enough to just tell me if there was a game at all.

Now there is! :)

How to update the schedule inside the scripts?

The schedule used by this web site is stored in the backend.

As an admin you can update it manually or configure a cronjob. It will send an e-mail with schedule changes outside playoffs.

What about regular season and playoffs?

It also worked for 2020-21 playoffs :)

Currently the script doesn't differentiate between playoffs and regular seasons.

It just takes the dates from's API. There are more arguments to this API that I have not found any documentation for. Here's one result from google searches:,schedule.linescore,schedule.broadcasts,schedule.ticket,

TODO / Known issues

  • "BadRequestError: Admin message exceeds size limits" in update_schedule when there's a huge update
    • This is made so that if the size of the message body is too large we don't send it. One could perhaps email it as an attachment instead...
  • Choosing background color - would be sweet if it could do HTML5 so users can choose themselves too like in
  • games include preseason - if this is a problem let me know!
  • add a calendar selection too near the menu?
  • proper logging
  • dynamically generate a sitemap.xml
  • Réal Names of cities:
    • querying Montréal Canadiens (so with the acute accent) is not currently working. Before MTL did not work at all
    • querying St. Louis Blues (so with the .) is not currently working. Without the dot and spaces work.
    • Ideally we would use the real names and not remove bad chars in the schedule ( in )
  • improve testing
    • assert that we are redirected to update_schedule
    • update schedule_testing and then verify it / validate json
    • performance testing
    • lint javascript,css,html


gcloud - reminders for myself.

Forked from because it had the google appspot already in it and python :) Thanks!

wasthereannhlgamelastnight(..) has been re-written a few times - it's no longer even close to the isitfridaythe13th, for example:

  • it now uses webapp2 for example instead of python print to stdout.
  • it used to have a manual with a set and a list, now it reads and writes to gcloud object store!


📆 A YES/NO app to show the answer to: Was There An NHL Game Yesterday ?





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