This is the website based on AtomicPress.
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Code Climate

This is the website based on AtomicPress.


  • Python 2.7

Getting started

  1. Install requirements

    pip install -r src/requirements/local.txt

  2. Install frontend requirements

    cd frontend
    npm install
    npm install gulp
  3. Create database

    python create_db

  4. (Optional) Add sample data

    python prefill fill

  5. Start server

    python runserver

  6. Open your in your browser

  7. Done!


  • Run application

    python runserver

  • Run application (with admin and debug enabled)

    python runserver -a -d

  • Generate static assets

    python exporter export

  • Upload to S3

    python s3 sync

This project also ships with a makefile that contains a couple of helper commands:

  • make run_dev
  • make run
  • make sync

Git hooks

Bump version

This hook will automatically bump the application version when using git flow release ...

chmod +x $PWD/git-hooks/
ln -nfs $PWD/git-hooks/ .git/hooks/post-flow-release-start
ln -nfs $PWD/git-hooks/ .git/hooks/post-flow-hotfix-start

Check pep8 pre-commit

chmod +x $PWD/git-hooks/
ln -nfs $PWD/git-hooks/ .git/hooks/pre-commit


Want to contribute? Awesome. Just send a pull request.