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= HasDetails
*This plugin is no longer maintained, and probably doesn't work with Rails 3.* Additionally, with Rails 3.2 it introduces the ActiveRecord store, which does pretty much what this plugin once did.
HasDetails allows you to store a large amount of (optional) attributes for any model's instance in a serialized column. It takes care of adding convenience methods to your model, and verifies that the value being assigned is indeed (one of) the type(s) required for that attribute.
= Example
class User << ActiveRecord::Base
has_details :firstname => String,
:lastname => String,
:birthday => Date,
:gender => [:male, :female]
john = User.find(1)
john.birthday = 5.years.ago
=> :male
Copyright (c) 2008 Marten Veldthuis, released under the MIT license