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Rails-based forum engine, heavily opinionated: only OpenID, no (sub)forums but only tags

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Opinionated Rails Forum

This is a rails-based forum engine with some strong opinions:

  • Authentication is OpenID, makes new profile if not exists
  • There are no forums/subforums
  • Topics are tagged
  • Tags are lowercase. By definition
  • Everyone can edit tags for a topic
  • A user is either normal or admin, no moderators
  • Avatars are gravatars
  • No smilies or sigs


There are two kinds of topics:

  • Normal: These topics always show their entire contents.

  • Continuous: These topics are more like a chat room than like a forum topic. They show only the latest 30 or so messages, and provide you with a paginated archive when you really need the history.


  • Mark some tags as usable only by admins
  • Remove UsersController#destroy
  • Admin: option to split topics
  • Only admins and users themselves should be able to edit a user's profile
  • Only admins should have the Admin checkbox on profile editing
  • Reserve tag editing for original poster and admins
  • Replace Markdown with whitelisted HTML
  • Replace Prototype with unobtrusive JavaScript
  • Create Search page using Google Site Search
  • Give users a text box to add their own profile info
  • When switching message modes, preserve message
  • In large message mode, post/cancel buttons overlap right column
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