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The lycheeJS-ADK (App Development Kit) allows delivering non-JavaScript platforms via cross-compiling and a custom V8GL JIT runtime.
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lycheeJS-ADK (v0.5 pre-release)

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The lycheeJS-ADK (App Development Kit) is the advanced build toolchain and runtime for the lycheeJS Game library.

It also includes a custom V8-based JIT runtime with OpenGL, GLU and GLUT integration and custom data types for interaction. It allows cross-compiling your JavaScript Games to different platforms via native executables or packages.


The lycheeJS-ADK is released under MIT license.

Development Environment

The recommended development environment is Ubuntu 12.10 64Bit with an underlying machine setup:

  • CPU supports either the complete amd64 or the intel64 (IA-32e, EM64T) instruction set.
  • GPU and installed driver supports OpenGL 2.1 (at least OpenGL 2.0).

How to verify the correct OpenGL version:

The installed OpenGL version should be higher than 2.1. You can verify the OpenGL version string of your graphics card by executing the following line in your shell:

$ glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version"

OpenGL version string: 4.2.11627 Compatibility Profile Context

Getting Started

Step 1: Download

You first need to download and install the required lycheeJS-ADK files, therefore you can choose of two methods:

Method 1: Cloning the git repository

git clone git:// ~/Desktop/lycheeJS-adk;

Method 2: Downloading via zip file

Download the zip file and unpack the contents inside the zip files' root folder it to your ~/Desktop/lycheeJS-adk folder.

(So that the script is located at ~/Desktop/lycheeJS-adk/

Step 2: Setup

After you have plain installation of the lycheeJS ADK, you need to setup your environment and install the dependend libararies, development headers and such. The setup script will also build the ADK itself (which is in fact a V8GL runtime for your machine's architecture).

cd ~/Desktop/lycheeJS-adk;
chmod +x ./; # In case you downloaded the zip file

Step 3: Game Engine-specific Bootstrapping

The ADK offers an Adapter API for third-party engines, so there's a bootstrapping process for each engine where every required library is being installed on your system.

cd ~/Desktop/lycheeJS-adk;
./adk bootstrap --adapter=lycheeJS

Step 4: Your first native build

You can now start creating native builds.

The build process itself requires a few minutes at the first time, due to building all required V8 libraries and snapshots.

A simple start point of learning how to develop games with lycheeJS is to try out the code of the Boilerplate or the Jewelz Game.

cd ~/Desktop/lycheeJS-adk;
./adk build linux.x64 ./external/lycheeJS/game/jewelz --adapter=lycheeJS

# Testing
cd ./out/Linux.x64;

For a 32 Bit system, you should build linux.ia32 instead.

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