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InSpec for Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

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This repository is the development repository for InSpec for GCP.

As of now, GCP resources are implemented as an InSpec resource pack. It will ship with the required resources to write your own GCP tests.

├── - this readme
└── libraries - contains GCP resources


In order to utilize the GCP InSpec resource pack the following software must be installed on the system.

  • InSpec
  • google-api-client ruby gem
  • googleauth ruby gem
  • google-cloud ruby gem

Get started

Before running the profile with InSpec, define environment variables with your GCP credentials. InSpec supports the following variables:


Those variables are defined in GCP Docs

Use the resources

Since this is a InSpec resource pack, it only defines InSpec resources. It includes example tests only. You can easily use the GCP InSpec resources in your tests do the following:

Create a new profile

inspec init profile gcp-compliance

Adapt the inspec.yml

name: my-profile
title: My own GCP profile
version: 0.1.0
  - name: gcp

Add controls

Since your profile depends on the resource pack, you can use those resources in your own profile:

control "gcp-1" do
  impact 0.7
  title 'Check development project'

  describe gcp_project('silicon-vertex-398188') do
    it { should exist }
    its('name') { should eq 'My First Project' }
    its('project_number') { should eq '3934801284823' }
    its('lifecycle_state') { should eq 'ACTIVE' }


Available Resources

  • gcp_instance - Verifies settings for a GCP instance
  • gcp_project - Verifies settings for a GCP project
  • gcp_storage - Verifies settings for a GCP bucket
  • gcp_image - Verifies settings for a GCP image


  • gcp_iam
  • gcp_container



Unit tests

To execute the unit tests, run:

bundle exec rake test

Integration tests

To run the integration tests, please make sure all required environment variables are set. We use terraform to create the GCP setup and InSpec to verify the all aspects. If you want to use a specific terraform environment, set environment variable INSPEC_TERRAFORM_ENV. Integration tests can be executed via:

bundle exec rake test:integration

This task sets up test GCP resources, runs the integration tests, and then cleans up the resources. To perform these tasks independently, please call them individually:

  • bundle exec rake test:configure_test_environment
  • bundle exec rake test:setup_integration_tests
  • bundle exec rake test:run_integration_tests
  • bundle exec rake test:cleanup_integration_tests
  • bundle exec rake test:destroy_test_environment