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Google+ PHP Starter Application

== Description
This application helps you get started writing a Google+ PHP application.

  PHP 5.2.x or higher []
  PHP Curl extension []
  PHP JSON extension []
  Google API PHP Client []

Getting Started:
  0) Download the latest version of the google-api-php-client library. This is required by index.php
    curl -O ""
    tar -xvf  google-api-php-client-0.4.4.tar.gz

  1) Visit to register your application.
    - From the "Project Home" screen, activate access to "Google+ API".
    - Click on "API Access" in the left column
    - Click the button labeled "Create an OAuth2 client ID"
    - Give your application a name and click "Next"
    - Select "Web Application" as the "Application type"
    - click "Create client ID"
    - click "Edit..." for your new client ID
    - Under the callback URL, enter the location of your PHP application (example http://localhost/googleplus/index.php).

  2) Update index.php with the redirect uri, consumer key, secret, and developer key you obtained in step 1.
      - Update 'insert_your_oauth2_client_id' with your oauth2 client id.
      - Update 'insert_your_oauth2_client_secret' with your oauth2 client secret.
      - Update 'insert_your_oauth2_redirect_uri' with the fully qualified redirect URI.
      - Update 'insert_your_developer_key' with your developer key.  This is listed under "Simple API Access" at the very bottom in the Google API Console.

  3) You are now ready to load index.php on your web server.

OAuth 2 instructions:

Supported sample applications: