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Language and framework for developing high performance computational pipelines.

GoDoc Build Status

Getting Started

Please see the Martian Documentation.

The easiest way to get started is

$ git clone
$ cd martian
$ make

Alternatively, build with bazel:

$ bazel build //:mrp

Note that while go get will not work very well for this repository, because it will skip fetching the web UI and runtime configuration files, and because this repository had already tagged version 3 by the time go modules came around, and is thus not following the expected go conventions for how code is organized for non-v1 versions.

Note on semantic versioning

Semantic versioning for martian is based on pipeline compatibility, not the Go API. That is, a major version change indicates that pipelines (defined in .mro files) may no longer function correctly. This unfortunately poses problems with go modules, (which didn't exist yet at the time v3 was first tagged) which exepect version tags to be referring to the semver compatibility of the Go API. We hope to rectify this in v5, but ironically that will force an backwards-incompatible change to the Go API. In the mean time, if you wish to depend on martian as a go module, use the git commit rather than a version tag.

Code and documentation copyright 2014-2017 the Martian Authors and 10x Genomics, Inc. Code released under the MIT License. Documentation released under Creative Commons.