Creates a simple dependency graph of Homebrew formulae.
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brew-graph is a Ruby script that creates a dependency graph of installed or all available Homebrew formulae. The currently supported output options are Dot and GraphML.

In general, if you'd like to know more about Untangling Your Homebrew Dependencies, check out the blog post by Jonathan Palardy.


You can install brew-graph using the tap repository:

brew install martido/brew-graph/brew-graph

Alternatively, simply place brew-graph.rb somewhere in your $PATH as brew-graph.


If you installed using the above instructions, you can simply execute brew graph -h to see options.

If within this repository directory, type ruby brew-graph.rb -h to display the options.

Usage: brew-graph [-f] [-o] [--highlight-leaves] [--highlight-outdated] [--all] [--installed] formula
    -h, --help
    -f, --format FORMAT              Specify FORMAT of graph (dot, graphml). Default: dot
        --highlight-leaves           Highlight formulae that are not dependencies of another formula. Default: false
        --highlight-outdated         Highlight formulae that are outdated. Default: false
    -o, --output FILE                Write output to FILE instead of stdout
        --all                        Create graph for all Homebrew formulae
        --installed                  Create graph for installed Homebrew formulae


You can use Graphviz to visualize Dot graphs.

brew install graphviz
brew graph --installed | dot -Tpng -ograph.png
open graph.png

You can use the yEd graph editor to visualize GraphML markup. The created markup uses yFiles's extensions to GraphML and heavily relies on defaults to keep the output reasonably small. It contains no layout information because yEd already provides an exhaustive set of algorithms.