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A Hugo theme component to display nice notices
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This is not a standalone theme. It is a Hugo theme component providing a shortcode: notice to display nice notices. Four notice types are provided: warning, info, note and tip.

This components comes with english, french, german and portuguese localizations for the notice headings. Other languages welcome! Send your pull request.



  1. Add the hugo-notice as a submodule to be able to get upstream changes later git submodule add themes/hugo-notice
  2. Add hugo-notice as the left-most element of the theme list variable in your site's or theme's configuration file config.yaml or config.toml. Example, with config.yaml:
    theme: ["hugo-notice", "my-theme"]
    or, with config.toml,
    theme = ["hugo-notice", "my-theme"]
  3. In your site, use the shortcode, this way:
    {{< notice warning >}}
    This is a warning notice. Be warned!
    {{< /notice >}}
    {{< notice tip >}}
    This is a very good tip.
    {{< /notice >}}


Copyright © 2019 onwards, Nicolas Martignoni

Thanks to Geraldo Ribeiro for the portuguese localization.

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