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A Hugo theme component providing a shortcode: notice to display nice notices, and supporting dark mode.

Several sets of icons are provided too: make your choice second your taste!

Four notice types are provided: warning, info, note and tip.

This component comes with localization in 18 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Finnish, Korean, Vietnamese, Swahili, Japanese, Chinese (Taiwan) and Swedish.

Other languages welcome! Send your pull request.



As a Hugo module

  1. Initialize your existing site as hugo module

    hugo mod init
  2. Add the hugo-notice as a hugo module to be able to get upstream changes later

    hugo mod get
  3. In your site's or theme's configuration file hugo.yaml or hugo.toml, add a new module section and define both hugo-notice and your currently used theme as modules to be imported.

    Example, with hugo.yaml:

        - path:
        - path: my-theme

    or, with hugo.toml,

        path = ""
        path = "my-theme"

As a Git submodule

  1. Add the hugo-notice as a submodule to be able to get upstream changes later git submodule add themes/hugo-notice

  2. Add hugo-notice as the left-most element of the theme list variable in your site's or theme's configuration file hugo.yaml or hugo.toml.

    Example, with hugo.yaml:

    theme: ["hugo-notice", "my-theme"]

    or, with hugo.toml,

    theme = ["hugo-notice", "my-theme"]


In your site, use the shortcode, this way:

{{< notice warning >}}
This is a warning notice. Be warned!
{{< /notice >}}


{{< notice tip >}}
This is a very good tip.
{{< /notice >}}

Enabling dark mode

We recommend that you use the standard prefers-color-scheme CSS media feature to detect if a user has requested light or dark color themes. In this case, dark mode will work automatically. The prefers-color-scheme media feature is fully supported by all modern browsers.

Another way to make it work is to inject (e.g. via Javascript) the class dark into the body element of your pages when dark mode is needed.

Changing icon set

Just copy the icons from one of the subfolders of folder icons/ into folder icons/.

Any solid SVG icons can be used. If you want to contribute your open licensed icons, your pull request is welcome.


Copyright © 2019 onwards, Nicolas Martignoni


Thanks to


Thanks to

  • Gary Tai for raising a nasty spacing bug.
  • Dephilia for suggesting and implementing dark mode.
  • RoneoOrg for implementing default notice type.
  • Andreas Deininger for installation as a Hugo module How To.
  • rea1shane for suggesting and implementing a few useful features.


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