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Security Realm for Glassfish 4.


During the development of a presentation of the introduction of Java EE 7, I noticed that the JDBC realm supplied by glassfish was not working anymore.

Inspired by:


The jar-file, which containts the Realm, can be installed with the asadmin utility.

asadmin deploy --force --type osgi glassfish-jdbc-realm-1.0.jar

Next a line should be added to the login-config file of Glassfish (location $GLASSFISH_HOME/glassfish/domains/${DOMAIN}/config/login.conf) It should be possible with Glassfish CLI from 4.0.1: see, but for now, just add it to the login.conf.

CustomJdbcUserRealm { nl.mb.glassfish.realm.CustomJdbcLoginModule required; };

For the JDBC-realm to function a DataSource needs to be configured. See for details.

Example configuration for a Apache Derby database through asadmin scripting is below:

Note about Glassfish scripting, if you want to escape the space character, to this with '\ '. The equals symbol can be escaped with '\='

create-jdbc-connection-pool --datasourceclassname org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDataSource --restype=javax.sql.DataSource  --property User=APP:Password=SECRET:dataBaseName=user:serverName=localhost:portNumber=1527:connectionAttributes=\;create\\=true userDs
create-jdbc-resource --connectionpoolid userDs jdbc/userDs

If the datasource is configured, then the JDBC custom realm can be configured. An example configuration is below.

create-auth-realm --classname nl.mb.glassfish.realm.CustomJdbcUserRealm --property jaas-context=CustomJdbcUserRealm:datasource-jndi=jdbc/userDs:digest-algorithm=SHA-512:digest-encoding=hex:password-charset=UTF-8:password-query=select\ u.password\ from\ USERS\ u\ where\ u.username\\=?:security-roles-query=select\\ from\ USER_GROUP\ ug\ inner\ join\ USERS\ u\ on\ ug.username\\=u.username\ and\ u.username\\=?\ inner\ join\ GROUPS\ g\ on\ ug.group_id\\ CustomJdbcUserRealm

The 'digest-algorithm' can be 'none' in which case no transformation is done, i.e. the password is stored in plain text. DO NOT USE THIS IN PRODUCTION !!!.

In all other cases the password will be transformed with the following properties

  • 'digest-algorithm' 'SHA-512' in this example. This property will be used in the method call to MessageDigest.getInstance.
  • 'digest-encoding', 'hex' in this example, allowed values are 'hex' or 'base64', in which case the digest will be encoding hexadecimal or in base64-encoding.
  • 'password-charset' 'UTF-8' in this example. This property will be used in the method call to Charset.forName to get the Character Set of the password.

The other notable properties above are:

  • jaas-context, this will be the realm-name in the web.xml of your application (webapp - login-config - realm-name)
  • datasource-jndi, this is the JNDI-name of the datasource to be used for the JDBC-realm
  • password-query is the query for the password belonging to a given user
  • security-roles-query is the query for the groups of a given user