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Send daily SolarEdge PV output to your phone
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Send your daily PV output to Slack. This app sends you a daily Slack message with your PV output of the previous day and compared to the day before.

The message looks like: Example message

You can run this app yourself as well:

  • Deploy this app to Heroku
  • Set config vars:
    • SOLAREDGE_KEY (Your SolarEdge API Key)
    • SOLAREDGE_SITE (Your SolarEdge site ID)
    • SLACK_WEBHOOK (Slack webhook key)
    • CHANNEL (Slack channel you want to post the message in)
  • Add the Heroku scheduler add-on
  • Configure the Heroku scheduler add-on to run the following rake task every day: rake daily_post or rake weekly_post

Setting up Triggi Push notifications

To send push notifications about your daily output, I used a service called Triggi. This service allows you to easily connect multiple APIs to each other. I used the Triggi Connector to send a push notification to my phone.

How to set up:

  • Configure the Heroku scheduler add-on to run the following rake task every day: rake daily_push_notification
  • Download the Triggi app in the appstore and create an account
  • Go to and follow the steps to create a connector
  • Set config var: TRIGGI_CONNECTOR (This is the private part of the Triggi Connector URL)
  • Now, go to the Triggi app and create a new Trigg:
    • When: "Connector" is triggered
    • Then: Send push notification. As part of the push message you need to pass in the variable "passed value"
    • Save Trigg

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