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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
A simplified translation function for INEGI 'Información Vectorial de Localidades Amanzanadas y Números Exteriores' data
DO NOT USE. This is only to demonstrate the capabilities of Cygnus with a simple example.
def filterTags(attrs):
if not attrs:
tags = {}
source_type = attrs.get('TIPOVIAL')
source_name = attrs.get('NOMVIAL')
if source_type:
tags['inegi:tipovial'] = source_type.lower()
if source_type == 'CALLE':
tags['highway'] = 'residential'
if source_type == 'OTRO':
tags['highway'] = 'unclassified'
if source_type == 'PRIVADA':
tags['highway'] = 'service'
tags['access'] = 'private'
if source_name:
tags['inegi:nomvial'] = source_name.lower()
if source_name != 'NINGUNO':
tags['name'] = u'{}{}'.format(
source_type + ' ' if source_type != 'OTRO' else '',
if 'SENTIDO' in attrs:
source_oneway = attrs.get('SENTIDO')
tags['inegi:sentido'] = source_oneway.lower()
if source_oneway == 'DOS SENTIDOS':
tags['oneway'] = 'no'
if source_oneway == 'UN SENTIDO':
tags['oneway'] = 'yes'
tags['source'] = 'INEGI'
return tags
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