An SDN application that gives a network administrator the ability to control flows in an OpenFlow network without coding.
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The FlowManager is a RYU controller application that gives the user manual control over the flow tables in an OpenFlow network. The user can create, modify, or delete flows directly from the application. The user can also monitor the OpenFlow switches and view statistics. The FlowManager is ideal for learning OpenFlow in a lab environment, or in conjunction with other applications to tweak the behaviour of network flows in a production environment.


  • Add/modify/delete flow entries in flow tables.
  • Add/modify/delete group tables and meters.
  • Backup/restore switch tables to/from local drive.
  • View flow tables, group tables, and meters.
  • View switch statistics.
  • View network topology.



FlowManager is a RYU Controller application, so make sure that the controller is installed properly before you proceed. Also, if you intend to use FlowManager with Mininet, you will need to install that too.


Install FlowManager using the following steps:

$ git clone

Running the app

Run the FlowManager alone:

$ ryu-manager ~/flowmanager/

or with another RYU application:

$ ryu-manager ~/flowmanager/

and to display the topology:

$ ryu-manager --observe-links ~/flowmanager/

Use a web broswer to launch the site http://localhost:8080/home/index.html

Built With

  • Python - A programming language ideal for SDN applications.
  • jQuery - A JavaScript library for event handling, animation.
  • D3.js - A JavaScript library for data visulization.



FlowManager is licensed under the Apache 2 License - see the LICENSE file for details