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import boto3
import botocore
ec2client = boto3.client('ec2')
# Find instances with the following tag and value
# Send request to AWS
response = ec2client.describe_instances(Filters=[ {'Name': 'tag:'+tagkey,'Values': [tagvalue] }])
# Find the instanceId and hostname
for i in range(len(response["Reservations"])):
ec2instance= response["Reservations"][i]['Instances'][0]["InstanceId"]
print "InstanceID: ",ec2instance
for j in range(len(response["Reservations"][i]['Instances'][0]["Tags"])):
if response["Reservations"][i]['Instances'][0]["Tags"][j]['Key'] == 'Hostname':
print "Hostname: ",response["Reservations"][i]['Instances'][0]["Tags"][j]['Value']
#Uncomment the following to disable termination protection and terminate the instance
#ec2client.modify_instance_attribute(DisableApiTermination={'Value': False},InstanceId=ec2instance)
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