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Continuous Integration for TYPO3 projects

This repository contains an example project for a continuous integration setup for TYPO3 projects.

This projects demonstrates how you can use virtualization technologies to implement multi-configuration builds for TYPO3 (or any other kind of web projects). In this example, you can build a TYPO3 project with arbitrary combinations of TYPO3 and PHP versions, allowing you to find version-specific bugs in your project quickly and without pain.


In order to use this example, you need the following software:

  • Vagrant for managing virtual machines to build your project in
  • VirtualBox as virtualization backend
  • Ansible for configuration of build VMs
  • Composer for PHP dependency management

Run manually

Start the build process manually:

composer install
TYPO3_VERSION=master PHP_VERSION=5.5 vagrant up --provision
vagrant ssh -c 'cd /vagrant && bin/phing'
vagrant suspend

Run with Jenkins

Create a new Jenkins multi-configuration build and create two build axes labeled TYPO3_VERSION and PHP_VERSION. For the TYPO3_VERSION variable, you can use any valid reference from the TYPO3 git repository (i.e. branch and tag names, like master, TYPO3_6-2 or TYPO3_6-1-5).

Then create an execute shell script build step with the following shell commands:

composer install
vagrant up --provision
vagrant ssh -c 'cd /vagrant && bin/phing'
vagrant suspend

To collect code metrics, generated for example by Typoscript Lint, you can use the Violations plugin for Jenkins.


Example project for a continuous integration setup for TYPO3 projects.



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