CGRect Util are some helper for CGRect manipulation and UIView frame manipulation
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CGRect Utils


  1. Copy the .m and .h from the LIB directory of this project into your own.

  2. Look for your file *-Prefix.pch and add the import #import "UIView+CGRectUtils.h"

Or manually #import "UIView+CGRectUtils.h" into every class who need CGRect Utils.

Help manipulating UIView's frame:

To move a UIView by 10 pixels we used to write:

myView.frame = CGRectMake(myView.frame.origin.x + 10,

With CGRect Utils simply use:

myView.x += 10;

List utils getter and setter for UIView:

  • myView.x
  • myView.y
  • myView.width
  • myView.height
  • myView.size
  • myView.height

Or you can use the macro:

CGRectAddXToView(duck, 10);

Utils macro for UIView:

  • CGRectAddXToView(UIView *, pixel)
  • CGRectAddYToView(UIView *, pixel)
  • CGRectAddWidthToView(UIView *, pixel)
  • CGRectAddHeightToView(UIView *, pixel)

Quick accessor for UIVIew frame:

To access the height of an UIView we used to write:

float height = myView.frame.size.height;

With CGRect Utils we can simply use:

float height = myView.height;

You can assign a new position from the accessor:

myView.height = 10;

You can assign a new size easly with:

myView.size = CGSizeMake(30, 30);

Manipulating CGRect:

You might also need to manipulate CGRect without the UIImage.

CGRect rect = ...;
CGRectSetX(rect, 10); // the "rect" frame is no set with X=10

CGRectSetWidth(rect, 200); // the "rect" frame is no set with Width=200

Utils macro for CGRect:

  • CGRectSetPos( CGRect, x, y )
  • CGRectSetX( CGRect, x )
  • CGRectSetY( CGRect, y )
  • CGRectSetSize( CGRect, w, h )
  • CGRectSetWidth( CGRect, w )
  • CGRectSetHeight( CGRect, h )


Developed by Martin Magakian


MIT License (MIT)

by Anomaly Detection