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from pprint import pprint
import random
# a 10x10 grid of blocks represents the game board
game_board = range(1, 101)
def set_board(game_board):
# setting up the start situation on the game board
# defining each block's neighbors
# and setting them as 'False' (= not-selected)
blocks = list()
for id in game_board:
if id <= 10:
if id == 1:
neighbors = [id+1, id+10]
elif id == 10:
neighbors = [id-1, id+10]
neighbors = [id+1, id-1, id+10]
blocks.append((id, neighbors, False))
elif id >= 91:
if id == 91:
neighbors = [id+1, id-10]
elif id == 100:
neighbors = [id-1, id-10]
neighbors = [id+1, id-1, id-10]
blocks.append((id, neighbors, False))
# finding the first ones of each 10s
if (id-1) % 10 == 0:
neighbors = [id+1, id+10, id-10]
elif id % 10 == 0:
neighbors = [id-1, id+10, id-10]
neighbors = [id+1, id-1, id+10, id-10]
blocks.append((id, neighbors, False))
return blocks
blocks = set_board(game_board)
# making the bot run its path
# game agent's trajectory
agent_start = random.randint(1, 100)
#print agent_start
# how many steps to take
moves = 500
# indicating the beginning and end with a 0
# NOTE: this is a workaround that could be improved
# it's here because I am doing 'agent_path[-2]' in the
# next_move() function to avoid back-stepping of the agent
# so I need two entries in the initial list to avoid an
# index error. I'm sure there's a better way to do this!
agent_path = [0, agent_start]
def next_move(id, blocks, moves, agent_path):
# base truth to snap out of recursion
if moves <= 0:
# this is the end... tam tam tam, my only friend, the end
return agent_path
# fetch the 'neighbors' array from the current block
current_neighbors = blocks[id-1][1]
next_id = random.choice(current_neighbors)
# prevent the agent to hop back onto the block it just came from
while next_id == agent_path[-2]:
next_id = random.choice(current_neighbors)
# add the field, remove one step
moves -= 1
# recursively call the function to generate more steps
return next_move(next_id, blocks, moves, agent_path)
export = next_move(agent_start, blocks, moves, agent_path)
# remove the start and end digits
export = export[1:-1]
str_export = list()
for b in export:
print str_export