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# coding: utf-8
# # A tiny birthday hack
# ## Which author sent me the largest amount of secret birthday wishes?
# Programming on my birthday in the back of a car, after driving and walking around :)
# In[1]:
import nltk
from nltk.corpus import gutenberg as gb
import re
# In[4]:
# shopping for ingredients
all_books = gb.fileids()
# In[71]:
def get_ingredients(booktitle):
"""selects only the best ingredients for the cake"""
happy_regex = re.compile(r"(?i)[^hapybirthd]")
text = gb.raw(fileids=booktitle)
dough = re.sub(happy_regex, "", text)
return dough
def knead(dough):
"""kneads <span>s into the dough, wherever wishes match."""
# two-step regex
b_regex = re.compile(r"happy")
d_regex = re.compile(r"birthday")
# stats for fun
nr_happies = len(re.findall(b_regex, dough))
nr_birthdays = len(re.findall(d_regex, dough))
icing = (nr_happies, nr_birthdays)
# mark the occurances with <span>s
b_text = re.sub(b_regex, "<span>" + b_regex.pattern + "</span>", dough)
d_text = re.sub(d_regex, "<span>" + d_regex.pattern + "</span>", b_text)
cake = d_text
return cake, icing
def bake(cake, icing, ingredients):
"""bakes a HTML page from the highlighted dough."""
with open("bd_" + ingredients + ".html", 'w') as f:
pretty_file = """<DOCTYPE html>
<title>""" + ingredients + """</title>
body {
max-width: 800px;
margin: auto;
word-wrap: break-word;
span {
background: lightgreen;
<h1>Birthday Wishes hidden in """ + ingredients + """</h1>
<h2># of happies: """ + str(icing[0]) + """</h2>
<h2># of birthdays: """ + str(icing[1]) + """</h2>
<div>""" + cake + """</div>
def tons_of_wishes(book_list):
"""makes a lot of cakes at once. because age."""
for book in book_list:
ingredients = book
cake, icing = knead(get_ingredients(ingredients))
bake(cake, icing, ingredients)
# In[80]:
# happy birthday to myself :)
# I uncovered the largest number of hidden wishes in `edgeworth-parents.txt`. Thanks mum and dad 😊
# In[46]:
# interesting challenge: try using regex groups for matching and replacing!
#birth_regex = re.compile(r"(happy)\w*(birthday)")
#m = re.match(r"(happy)\w*(birthday)", dough)