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Playing with Language Universals, US presidents, and NLTK
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Unconditionally Universal Speeches

People speak a lot.

For example: politicians when they hold a speech.

Or me, about this project on Medium.

Playing with the linguistic concept of Language Universals, I wrote some code that weeds through speeches, taking out everything except nouns and verbs. Reading it in the aftermath allows the reader a maybe pensive, maybe revealing, but most probably just ten-seconds-fun-amusing, digest of some past US president's mumblings.

Example Project Output from JFK.

Hope you'll enjoy : )

To Run

Put on some shoes and go outside. Move feet swiftly.

To Run the code

  • either follow along my steps inside the unconditionally.ipynb file (You'll need to have Jupyter Notebooks for that)
  • or use just the python file

Both require a Python 3 environment.

Simply enter the name of one of the state_union speeches into the get_real() function. Press what you need to press. Open index.html. 🎉

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