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  1. Write a function that returns the last digit of given integer as an English word. Examples: 512 -> "two", 1024 -> "four", 12309 -> "nine"
  2. Write a function that reverses the digits of given decimal number. Example: 256 -> 652
  3. Write a function that finds all the occurrences of word in a text
    • The search can case sensitive or case insensitive
    • Use function overloading
  4. Write a function to count the number of divs on the web page
  5. Write a function that counts how many times given number appears in given array. Write a test function to check if the function is working correctly.
  6. Write a function that checks if the element at given position in given array of integers is bigger than its two neighbors (when such exist).
  7. Write a Function that returns the index of the first element in array that is bigger than its neighbors, or -1, if there’s no such element. Use the function from the previous exercise.
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