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01. Student Record
02. Trade company
03. BiDictionary
06. Data Structures Efficiency.sln
06. Data Structures

Data Structures Efficiency

  1. A text file students.txt holds information about students and their courses in the following format:

    First Name Last Name Course
    Kiril Ivanov C#
    Stefka Nikolova SQL
    Stela Mineva Java
    Milena Petrova C#
    Ivan Grigorov C#
    Ivan Kolev SQL

    Using SortedDictionary<K, T> print the courses in alphabetical order and for each of them prints the students ordered by family and then by name:

        C#: Ivan Grigorov, Kiril Ivanov, Milena Petrova
        Java: Stela Mineva
        SQL: Ivan Kolev, Stefka Nikolova
  • A large trade company has millions of articles, each described by barcode, vendor, title and price. Implement a data structure to store them that allows fast retrieval of all articles in given price range [x...y]. Hint: use OrderedMultiDictionary<K, T> from Wintellect's Power Collections for .NET.
  • Implement a class BiDictionary<K1, K2, T> that allows adding triples { key1, key2, value } and fast search by key1, key2 or by both key1 and key2.
    • Note: multiple values can be stored for given key.
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