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01. Nested Lists
02. Music Catalog
03. Management Web-Page
04. W3C Tutorial Page
05. Notebook Details
06. BTV Web-Page
03. CSS -

CSS Layout

Exercise 1

Create tree view like the following:

  • When the mouse goes over an item the sub list should be shown
  • The tree view should work with unlimited number of sub lists


Exercise 2

Create the following Web page using external CSS styles. Buttons should consist of PNG images with text over them:


Exercise 3

Create the following Web page using HTML with external CSS file. Note that the images should be PNG with transparent background:


Exercise 4

Given the picture below create the Web site:

  • Use CSS and HTML 5


Exercise 5

Create the following HTML 5 Page

  • Do it without tables


Exercise 6

Create the following Web page using HTML and external CSS. Using tables, inline styles and deprecated tags is not allowed.


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