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Releases: martin-pe/maitreya8


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Bug fixes

  • Transit View: the time input field didn't work properly. Time had sometimes a difference of 12 hours after entering the data. Workaround: enter time first and then date.
  • Uranian View/yearly preview: event date of pair events (p1=p2) was not okay. Date was calculated from the end of the year instead of beginning. Did not affect triple events: midpoints, reflection points, sums,
  • Page header in printouts, multipage printouts (Vedic comprehensive) did not reflect the horoscope data name, date etc.). A new chart was used instead. Calculations in printout are correct.


  • Windows and Mac OS X: wxWidgets upgraded to version 3.0.3.


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Bug fixes

  • Ascendent was not updated correctly in views with multiple North indian charts (github bugs #11, #12 and #16)
  • Several minor fixes


  • Technical/UNIX: automake version updated from 1.14 to 1.15


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Bug fixes are

 * Linux/GTK: stipple backgrounds were black, views like graphical
   Dasa are finally okay now.
 * Wrong ascendant in Ashtakavarga chart with North Indian style
   (Aries always ascendant)
 * Same for Arudha padas
 * Improved graphical Ashtakavarga chart: better adjustment of sign
   numbers, context menus


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New feature: Mahadasa and Antardasa description from Jataka Parijata (Dasa tree view)

Bug fixes are

 * ConfigDialog/color configuration: bar diagram preview widget broken
 * Transit/Uranian view: cluster view has some wrong combinations)
 * Wrong display of scripture text for Mahadasa and Antardasa in Dasa


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This release contains many bug fixes. The program should run stable now.

Fixes are among others

  • Crash in configuration dialog/style manager
  • Crash after closing birth data dialog
  • Fixes in Shadbala


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maitreya8-8.0.alpha1 Pre-release

Alfa version of new release 8.0 available (Dec 26 2016)

Version 8 is a major release after more than four years. It contains
several new features and changes.

Vedic Astrology

 * Shadbala view added
 * Dasa tree view: signification of Mahadasas and Antardasas can be
   displayed according to the scriptures, currently Parasara and Phala
 * Solar chart: Vimsottari Dasa and Muntha added, Vedic mode.
 * Vedic partner astrology: Rajju Koota added.

General Astrology

 * Additional planetary attributes can be displayed: element, quality,
   Antiscia, 90 and 45 deg circle (western), basic signification

Uranian Astrology

 * Tables for sums, differences, midpoints of Antiscia and reflection
   points of pairs added.
 * Events of these types can be viewed in UranianView, Transit and
 * New modes in transit view: shifted Meridian, shifted gravitation
   point, reverse Solar arc

User Interface

 * Vedic chart: aspects (Rasi and Graha drishti) can be displayed on
   (shift+, ctrl+) mouse over
 * Western chart: magnify aspects and corresponding planets on mouse
 * New styles for vedic and western charts (yet to be completed)
 * New font, nicer astrological glyphs
 * Graphical Dasa: highlight of Dasas on mouse over. Simplified acess
   for zoom (Ctrl+mouse wheel) and Antardasa mode (Shift+mouse wheel)


 * Support for transformation of Julian to Gregorian dates on birth
   data input. Input year BC added.
 * Location database updated, includes now 164K cities.


 * XML based configuration migrated to JSON. Old custom XML Yoga
   definition files can be converted in Yoga Editor.
 * Linux: Debian package is now for Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit.
 * Swiss Ephemeris can be used (as shared library) from the installed
   system if provided. Applies to Debian Linux and derivates.

Known Bugs

 * Linux/GTK: stipple backgrounds are black. Appears e.g. in graphical