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cakemarks is a single user bookmark web application using CakePHP.

It can store your bookmarks and offers a page which shows you the most relevant of your bookmarks.


Bookmarks are nice to have across all your devices and browsers, but there is hardly a bookmark syncing tool that covers all of them. Some of these tools are restricted to a certain browser or do not support one of your browsers. Since this is just a webpage, this problem does not arrive. The integration in your browser is not as close, but this enables cakemarks to work with virtually every browser.


  • Management of bookmarks for a single user.
  • Assigning keywords to each bookmark.
  • Ordering the keywords in an arbitrary tree structure.
  • Quick search for bookmarks from the main page (AJAX powered).
  • Import and export as JSON.


  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Webspace


Licensed under MIT license, just like CakePHP itself.