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The Suppen Rationierung
Suppen Rationierung is a greasemonkey[1] script for[2] to protects you
from excessive procrastination.
Install greasemonkey or equivalent for other browsers[3]. Then open with your
browser the URL
and allow the installation of the script. Then use and experience the
limit of procrastination.
If you will more limit your waste of time, you can configure in the script the
free time and the close up speed.
© 2011 Martin Vietz < suppenrationierung <at> martin . vietz . eu >
For creative input and support thanks to members of the Entropia e.V. -
suppenrationierung is a free software available under the terms of the GNU
General Public Licence. Refer to the file LICENSE (which should be included
in this distribution) for the specific terms of this licence.
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