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Java Dependencies Analysis
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Java Dependencies Analysis

This software reads the byte code of a JAR file and calculates a degree of dependency between another JAR. It is a measure that can be used as a guide to determine a level level of coupling between two JAR files.


1.01 (July 17 2015)

how to use from command line

java -jar deep.jar
  1. Run it from the command line. The first time it is executed it will create a deep.ini (in the same path as the deep.jar) to setup the paths to jars.
  2. Edit the deep.ini with the paths to the jar of the source project [source] and the library [library]. The namespace is the threshold from were it search the class to be matched into the source project (e.g. org.apache.commons.logging).


  1. The first step of the analysis is to identify the public classes (including abstracts and interfaces) and members (fields and methods) of the library.
  2. Then it searches for references to classes of the library jar in the source jar and displays a Quick Survey Result.
  3. The thirt step is to build Deep Survey displaying a hierarchical tree visualization in a dependency tree.
  4. Finally it calculates a Dependency Ratio and outputs the results.


The partial results are this proportions:

  • total of referenced class files by the source JAR / total of public class files available at library JAR
  • total of referenced concrete classes / total of public concrete classes available (A)
  • total of referenced abstract classes / total of public abstract classes available (B)
  • total of referenced interfaces / total of public interfaces available (C)
  • total of referenced members / total of public members available (D)
The Dependency Ratio(*) is: ( A + B + C + D ) / 4
(*) based on this work by Robert Martin


  • Apache BCEL 5.2
  • Apache Commons Collections 4.4
  • ANTLR 4.5
  • Procyon decompiler 0.5.29
  • ini4j 0.5.4


Questions, issues or suggestions are welcome at

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