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A dataset of thin-walled deformable objects

This is a dataset of thin-walled object models with volumetric representations, which is generated based on 13 real objects. To create more object models, we use a model generator which includes two types of variants:

  • Geometric variants

    • We use primitives to paramerize the object geometry. The object models are generated by varying the value of the geometric parameters within a realistic range.
  • Structural variants

    • We include structural parameters including:
      • rim: A reinforcement structure on the top of the object.
      • cap: A cap to close the top of the object. This represents a closed object.
      • flat: Partially flat walls.
      • dent: A dent on one side of the object.

Two subsets are presented, which has different variants:

  • ObjectModelsDemo

    • Geometric variants: Not included. The geometry of the object models are generated based on the real objects.
    • Structural variants: Included.
    • In total: 30 obj files.
  • ObjectModelsVariants

    • Geometric variants: Included.
    • Structural variants: Included.
    • In total: 2214 obj files.

Each subset contains a file object_parameters.csv, which is the list of objects with geometric (unit mm) and structure parameters (rim, enclosed, dent, flat).

Details please refer to the paper: N. Alt, J. Xu, E. Steinbach, A dataset of thin-walled deformable objects for manipulation planning, Grasping and Manipulation Datasets (ICRA Workshop), Stockholm, Sweden, Mai 2016.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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