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If you have pip ( in your system, the following command should be enough

pip install ansible








git clone 
vagrant up

Get a coffee and wait until this process finish

Basic commands

Connect to the VM

This command will connect you to the server.

vagrant ssh <vm_name>

For example:

$ vagrant ssh store
Last login: Wed May  7 16:40:21 2014 from
[vagrant@store ~]$

Destroy a VM

This command will stop the vm if is running and it will remove the vm files.

vagrant destroy <vm_name>

For example:

$ vagrant destroy node3
Are you sure you want to destroy the 'node3' VM? [y/N] y
[node3] Forcing shutdown of VM...
[node3] Destroying VM and associated drives...
[node3] Running cleanup tasks for 'ansible' provisioner...

Start a VM

This command will create and start the vm.

vagrant up <vm_name>

For example:

$ vagrant up node3
Bringing machine 'node3' up with 'virtualbox' provider...
[node3] Importing base box 'centos65-x86_64-20140116'...
Progress: 100%
PLAY RECAP ********************************************************************
node3                      : ok=14   changed=11   unreachable=0    failed=0

The important one is "failed=0" :)

Provision a VM

This command will run all the ansible playbooks, the VM must be "UP".

vagrant provision <vm_name>

For example:

$ vagrant provision node3
[node3] Running provisioner: ansible...
PLAY [all] ********************************************************************
PLAY RECAP ********************************************************************
node3                      : ok=14   changed=1   unreachable=0    failed=0

Again, the important one is "failed=0" :)

Percona Webinar command transcript

Here is a transcript of the commands we use to deliver a Percona Webinar on MySQL Fabric: