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  • Added script for standalone GNU/Linux users, can be double clicked to launch the program.
  • Fixed that TLE file is downloaded even if it is not needed (thanks Arcadie Z.).
  • Improved version checks (thanks Arcadie Z.).
  • Updated dependencies and small fixes.
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  • False color.
  • Histogram equalization.
  • Image now is rotated in-place leaving calibration frames untouched.
  • Filename guessing of date and time for WXtoIMG files.
  • Various fixes.
  • Most of the work done by Arcadie Z. Thanks a lot!
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  • Redesigned GUI.
  • Satellite prediction and map overlay (but has offsets I can't fix yet).
  • Automatic image rotation from satellite orbit.
  • GUI tips when selecting output file (thanks Nodraak).
  • Changed syncing algorithm slightly.
  • A few fixes.
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  • Added option to rotate images, useful for South -> North passes.
  • Pressing the Enter key on the GUI starts decoding/resampling.
  • Show GUI messages when decode/resample/timestamp finishes.
  • Updated dependencies.
  • Misc fixes.
  • Added contributors to credits.
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  • GUI tool for editing file modification timestamps.
  • Preserve file modification timestamps when resampling.
  • Fixed Usage and Guide GUI buttons on Windows.
  • Fixed progress bar on resample mode.
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  • Fixed truncation issues on Raspberry Pi and 32 bit systems.
  • GUI redesign, including a progress bar.
  • Improved performance.
  • Added settings.toml and different profiles, so now most constants can be edited.
  • Hide terminal window on Windows.
  • Export WAV as 16 bit integer when resampling so it can be used on WXtoIMG.
  • Added checks against overflows when using strange sample rates.
  • Added static OpenSSL as a Cargo feature.
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  • Automatic contrast adjustment.
  • Now can read telemetry frames.
  • Application icons for GNU/Linux and Windows.
  • .deb packages for Debian-based distros.
  • Better font for GUI on Windows.
  • Small fixes and improvements.
  • First Raspberry Pi release


  • Output is truncated on Raspberry Pi depending on the input sample rate. Resample your WAV first to 48000Hz or 20800Hz, don't use 11025Hz as input sample rate. Other rates may work or not.
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  • Added input filters, fixes noise problems and contrast loss due to doppler shift.
  • Now checks online for new noaa-apt updates.
  • Now you can export steps of the decoding process as WAV.
  • Now you can disable syncing
  • No-GUI version for GNU/Linux.
  • Spawn another thread for decoding on GUI to avoid freezes.
  • Various fixes.
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  • Fixed index out of range error for some wav files.
  • Better error messages