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CALE Integrations

CALE is a dynamic way to organize and fetch content from different sources including weather, todo lists and any applications that expose an open API. The goal is to have a screen administrator where you can mix content of different APIs and control the content output.

The ESP32 firmware is easy to install, free and open source If you are interested in building one E-Ink calendar you can find information to build one in the CALE Hackaday project

API Pool includes

Codename        | API
cale-google     | Google calendar
cale-timetree   | Shared calendar
weather-darksky | Darksky weather
cale-iCal       | CALE iCal API
cale-html       | CALE internal HTML editor

Technologies used

  • PHP / Symfony 4.4 recipes

  • Doctrine Object relational mapping

  • native Bootstrap CSS / minimal use of jQuery

  • Amazon AWS infrastructure (EC2/EBS/S3)

    A Screenshot microservice based on wktoimage

Initial install

composer install 
vi .env
// Configure there your DATABASE_URL
bin/console doctrine:schema:update --dump-sql
// Check SQL and do a --force to create tables

PHP Minimum version: 7.3

Requires PHP extensions:

  • ext-simplexml
  • ext-gd (Used by endroid/qr-code)
  • ext-mbstring

Thanks to: