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Make self-documented HTML pages from your Postman tests. Import test results in a Mysql Database
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Postman testing standalone HTML generator and newman reports parser

The intention of this simple PHP scripts is to generate a Standalone HTML for your Postman tests that you can send to the client without the need to upload all the tests in the open internet.

We find Postman a great tool for testing APIs and any web content in general.

How to use

Simply export your Collection with Postman to the directory where you cloned this repo. Update the collection name in postman-collection-documentor.php

$jsonFilename = 'Your.postman_collection.json';

And execute postman-collection-documentor anywhere in your intranet to see it on a browser.

If you want to save the html to send per Email, then simply run:

php postman-collection-documentor.php >example/skygate-documentation.html

There is in the examples folder the resultant html and also a screenshot.

Now there is another feature if you need to automatize this tests and save the results in a DB that is: postman-run-importer.php

This requires to create 2 Tables and a database. Put this DB credentials directly in the file. When executed it will read the /newman generated files when you set the report output to json and import them in the DB.

newman run Your.postman_collection.json -e env.json -r json

Imports the file in 2 tables, report-resume and report (contains a row per test) At the moment is a simple example that supports only saving the same test one time per hour, but is a good start to make something more powerful.

How to customize the HTML

There are 3 templates, one includes the other :

1 - MAIN:  postman-collection-template
2 - Folder postman-folder-loop
3 - Item   postman-item-loop (Every test)

Editing the HTML there you can easily customize this to any other layout.

NOTE: This parser expects that test are organized in Folders. If they are not, then the postman-collection-documentor.php should be modified accordingly.

Please share your own corrections and reporting to contribute in the mission. Thanks for your interest,

Martin Fasani

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