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Radiant extension that aids in the process of migrating from the Mephisto blogging engine to Radiant CMS
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Radiant Extension: Import Mephisto

A rough and ready import script for converting a Mephisto site to Radiant.

Instructions for use:

  • 1) Setup a clean install of Radiant and freeze to the Edge version.

  • 2) Install the comments extension

  • 3) Update your database.yml to include an entry for 'mephisto:' with details of your Mephisto database.

  • 4) cp environment/development.rb environment/mephisto.rb

  • 5) rake radiant:extensions:import_mephisto:run


What does it do?

Copies all of your published Mephisto articles including comments into Radiant


Quite a few. It's rough and ready! Feel free to extend and fork to your hearts content.

  • Sections are converted to tags

  • Assets are not copied across

  • Doesn't copy over any layout / templates or any other view information

  • Any other advanced features are also not supported.

What it could do

Have a nice configuration interface/page in Radiant where you setup what you do and don't want copied across including any mappings.

It would also be nice to be able to specify the original Mephisto DB credentials in the admin UI also. (rather than having to update a config file)


These where my goals when creating the extension:

  • Copy across existing content - articles and contents

  • Copy across users

  • Keep url's the same or have a way of mapping them

  • Keep the existing design with some tweaks


Feel free to build upon and submit patches / fork on Github.

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