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Clash Royale API

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A Clash Royale API that provides information about the game.

If you develop an app using this API, please submit a pull request adding it to the apps table.


  1. How to use
    1. Endpoints
    2. Images
  2. Want to help
  3. Development
    1. Install
    2. Run
    3. Test
  4. Apps that use this API

How to use

Consume the API to get all the information you need from these routes.


Base route.

Route HTTP Verb Description
/api/arenas GET All Arenas information
/api/arenas/:id GET Single Arena information
/api/arenas/:idName GET Single Arena information
/api/cards GET All Cards information
/api/cards/:id GET Single Card information
/api/cards/:idName GET Single Card information
/api/chests GET All Chests information
/api/chests/:id GET Single Chest information
/api/chests/:idName GET Single Chest information
/api/leagues GET All Leagues information
/api/leagues/:id GET Single League information
/api/leagues/:idName GET Single League information
/api/players GET All Players levels information
/api/players/:id GET Player level information
/api/players/:idName GET Player level information
/api/random-deck GET Get a Random deck!


You can get the images too! Thank you MaherFa!

Route Description
/images/arenas/${idName}.png Arenas images
/images/cards/${idName}.png Cards images
/images/chests/${idName}.png Chests images
/images/leagues/${idName}.png Leagues images

Want to help

If you like the API, please star this repository.

If you create an app using the API, please mention this repository and add it in the table below.

If you want to contribute to the API, feel free to create a pull request.

If you ❤️ the API, help me pay the hosting!


Make sure you have installed all these prerequisites on your development machine.


> git clone
> cd clash-royale-api
> npm install


> mongod
> cd clash-royale-api
> npm run dev

If you don't have Nodemon installed

> mongod
> cd clash-royale-api
> npm i -g nodemon
> npm run dev


> npm test

Apps that use this API

Randeck Simple web app that generates random decks. Go!
Royale Plus Facebook for Clash Royale players. Git! Go!
BarrePolice A Telegram Bot based on plugins written in Lua Go! & send /cr
Clashapi NPM package to consume this API Go!
Deck it Deck builder app designed for Android Go!
Deck Generator for Echo Devices Alexa skill to suggest a deck for clash royale for Amazon's Echo devices Go!
Clash Royale Discord Bot A Discord bot that displays informations depending of commands Go!
Deck Royale A SPA using Vue that generates random decks. Git! Go!
ClashElite Simple app that gives info on chest cycles and generates random decks with copy and share feature. Go!

Made with ❤️ by clash fans.

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