Drone project in Rust
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This project is a pure rust implementation of a quadcopter.

Tuned PID:

Tuned PID

First Flight:

First Flight!


  1. 19 State Kalman Filter
  2. PID loop for drone stabilization
  3. 3D graphical visualizer of quad state


  • Move sensors to i2cdev-sensors. Create a sensor manager that can be changed in config.json
  • Refactor project
  • Convert to an Extended Kalman Filter to track location and attitude.
  • GPS long distance navigation.

Teststed Hardware

Micro Controller

  • Raspberry Pi 3B (3B is needed for Wifi). Otherwise any Pi will do.


  • LSM9DS0 Gyro, Accel, Mag
  • L3GD20 Gyro
  • BMP280 Barometer, Thermometer
  • LSM303D Accel, Mag

ESC - Electronic Speed Controllers

  • BLHeli ESCs


  • Crazepony Emax Mt2213 935kv Brushless Motor


  1. Install Rust https://www.rust-lang.org/en-US/install.html
  2. Install Protobuf 3. For the Pi, you may need to install from source since there are no ARM releases.
  3. Clone the repo
  4. Build with cargo:
cd copter
cargo build --release
  1. Run with sudo:
sh run-release.sh


Modify copter.json to suit your specific configuration.

  • Under motors, list the GPIO ports you used on your Raspberry Pi