An embedded nREPL server with utilities to run clojure programs on a persistent JVM
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Jark is a tool to run clojure code on the JVM, interactively and remotely. It has 2 components - a client written in OCaml and a server written in Clojure/Java. The client is compiled to native code and is extremely tiny (~300KB). The client uses the nREPL protocol to transfer clojure data structures over the wire.


  • Interactive
  • Lightweight and can be used by Editors/IDEs.
  • OS agnostic
  • Server-side plugins
  • Secure
  • Embeddable Server
  • Interoperable with existing clojure tools (lein, cljr etc)
  • A nailgun replacement that is secure, faster and clojure-aware.



Download the appropriate client binary for your platform:



jark [--standalone=<true|false> (default:true)] server install 

Currently, the standalone version is packaged with clojure-1.3. To install with clojure-1.2.x do:

jark --standalone=false --clojure-version=1.2.x server install

Basic usage

jark [-p PORT] [-j JVM-OPTS] server start
jark [-h HOST -p PORT] cp add <CLASSPATH>
jark [-h HOST -p PORT] cp list
jark [-h HOST -p PORT] vm stat
jark [-h HOST -p PORT] vm threads [--tree]
jark [-h HOST -p PORT] ns find <PATTERN>
jark [-h HOST -p PORT] ns load <FILE>
jark [-h HOST -p PORT] repl
and more ...
and more ...
jark server stop

Default HOST is localhost and default port is 9000


  • REPL commands /vm stat, /server info, '/debug on|off..type/help` in jark repl

  • Server-side plugin system. All plugins are written in Clojure

      jark plugin list
      jark plugin load <path-to-plugin.clj>
  • Configurable (Edit $PREFIX/jark.conf)

  • Remote JVM Performance monitoring (jark vm stat)

  • Dynamically add classpath(s) (jark cp add)

  • Remote Scripting (using the #! operator)

  • Output JSON : All commands output JSON for parsing when passed a --json option

  • Embeddable Server: Add [jark/jark-server "0.4-SNAPSHOT"] to project.clj and do a ( PORT) in your code. The jark-client can connect to it.

  • Evaluate code from STDIN

      echo CLOJURE-EXPRESSION | jark -s 
      jark -e CLOJURE-EXPRESSION        
  • and more ..



User mailing list:
Dev mailing list :

Catch us on #jark on


  • Abhijith Gopal
  • Ambrose Bonnaire Sergeant
  • Chas Emerick (for nREPL)
  • Phil Hagelberg (for Leiningen)
  • Rich Hickey and team (for Clojure)


Copyright © 2012 Martin Demello and Isaac Praveen

Licensed under the EPL. (See the file epl.html.)