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chrome extension to prettify online mailing list archives
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Pony Express

To users, Pony Express is a Chrome extension that hijacks mailing list archive URLs and rewrites them into a more pleasant UI.

In pictures, a page that looks like this:

Screenshot of old page

Transparently becomes a page that looks like this:


Concretely, Pony Express is comprised of three modules:

  1. A JavaScript library that takes JSON data describing mailing list content and creates a more pleasant UI for browsing it: a threaded view, shortcut keys for navigation. This lives in ui/. This is pretty preliminary at the moment.

  2. A JavaScript library that extracts mailing list data out of Pipermail archive pages (like from the screenshot above). This lives in pipermail/. Conceptually, other archives (like hypermail) could plug in as well.

  3. A Chrome extension that grabs URLs, feeds them into module 2, then feeds that into module 1.

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