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Httpfully Plugin

The Httpfully plugin is for Grav CMS. It brings Httpful functions to Twig. Httpful a REST Friendly PHP HTTP Client Library


Installing the Httpfully plugin can be done in one of two ways. The GPM (Grav Package Manager) installation method enables you to quickly and easily install the plugin with a simple terminal command, while the manual method enables you to do so via a zip file.

GPM Installation (Preferred)

The simplest way to install this plugin is via the Grav Package Manager (GPM) through your system's terminal (also called the command line). From the root of your Grav install type:

bin/gpm install httpfully

This will install the Httpfully plugin into your /user/plugins directory within Grav. Its files can be found under /your/site/grav/user/plugins/httpfully.

Manual Installation

To install this plugin, just download the zip version of this repository and unzip it under /your/site/grav/user/plugins. Then, rename the folder to httpfully. You can find these files on GitHub or via

You should now have all the plugin files under



The config consists of the single enabled field, which turns the plugin off and on.


This plugin expose the following filters

  • httpfully_get_json(uri)


This plugin is a simple wrapper around the great Httpful library created by nategood and the Httpful contributors.