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Like Addressable::URI but for Git

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Addressable::URI for Git.

Works with any valid Git URI, because Addressable doesn't.


require 'gitable/uri'
uri = Gitable::URI.parse('')

uri.path   # => 'martinemde/gitable.git'
uri.user   # => 'git'   # => ''

Maintain the same url format.

uri.to_s   # => ''

Uses ssh?

uri.ssh?   # => true

SCP format?

uri.scp?   # => true

If it can't guess the name, you named your repository wrong.

uri.project_name   # => 'gitable'

Will this uri require authentication?

uri.authenticated? # => true

Will I have to interactively type something into git (a password)?

uri.interactive_authenticated? # => false

Matching public to private git uris?

uri.equivalent?('git://') # => true
uri.equivalent?('') # => true

Link to the web page for a project (github)

if uri.github?
  uri.to_web_uri # => <Addressable::URI>

Inherited from Addressable::URI

uri.kind_of?(Addressable::URI)   # => true

Teenage Mutant Ninja Urls (mutable uris like Addressable, if you want)

uri.path = 'someotheruser/gitable.git'
uri.basename = 'umm.git'
uri.to_s    # => ''


You can use Gitable::URI.heuristic_parse to take user input.

Currently this supports the mistake of copying the url bar instead of the git uri for a few of the popular git webhosts. It also runs through Addressable's heuristic_parse so it will correct some poorly typed URIs.

uri = Gitable::URI.heuristic_parse('')
uri.to_s   # => 'git://'

heuristic_parse is currently very limited. If the url doesn't end in .git, it switches http:// to git:// and adds .git to the basename. This works fine for and but will happily screw up other URIs.

That's it?

Yep. What else did you expect? (let me know or write a patch)


Copyright (c) 2010 Martin Emde. See LICENSE for details.

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