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Development for the Cypress TrueTouch (tm) Standard Product touch screen for the Nook Color (Encore)

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nook_color: Support for hardware in the OMAP3621 (Encore machine type) 


The Nook Color is an OMAP3621 based 7" tablet produced by Barnes and Noble as an lcd-based e-Reader. At the same time, it serves as quite a handy target for MeeGo due to the similar SoC. 

A patch by Oleg Drokin that adds board file, serial console, gpio keys, MMC/SDCard and USB (peripheral) support has been accepted upstream. So Nook Color support is now available in the linux-omap-2.6 git tree and will be eventually pushed to linux-2.6. 

This project aims to create generic drivers for the nook color peripherals

Bugs, comments or patches:
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