Structure informations from the clippings into RDF/XML - PLEASE NOTE: this is a school project, provided "as-is", I am not familiar with Perl at all.
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Kindle Clippings Formatting
The idea is to structure data extracted from Kindle (Amazon) clippings.

Input: light structured data (txt file), Kindle's name (or beginning of URI)
Output: RDF quotations. Output is made on stdout, it it possible to redirect standard output to a file with > operator.

How to run:
perl My\ Clippings.txt
It is possible to redirect output to a file with > (example: perl My\ Clippings.txt > quotations.xml)

Resource Description:
- We add a URI defining the position of the quote.
- Title and author are described using the Dublin Core vocabulary.
- Informations about the quote itself are represented with a custom vocabulary.