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Little GUI tool that can find alternative versions of song you are currently listening in iTunes or Spotify
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🎧 songfinder


Little tool for youtube search of live live/acoustic/cover/karaoke versions of song you are currently listening to in iTunes or Spotify. Tested on macOS 10.14 with SWIFT5.

If you love music you know a lot of artists that makes incredible live performance of their songs. Lot of these masterpieces are available on YouTube, but not on iTunes or Spotify. Live, acoustic, piano or cover version could better fit to your taste. This tool can help you to find them easily and enjoy music in another way. ♥️

Songfinder came from previous CLI version called findlive.

Easy to use

Songfinder can recognize what song are you currently listening to and it will open your default web browsers new tab with youtube search of currently playing song in your music player (iTunes or Spotify are supported now). You can select keyword of search in menu by clicking the icon.




Spotify bridge inspired by @gf3 🙏

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