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A vim-plugin for interacting with psql


asciicast demo


With Pathogen

$ cd ~/.vim/bundle && git clone

As a terminal command

To use vipsql in a manner similar to psql, add something like this to your .bashrc or similar:

vipsql() {
    vim -c 'setlocal buftype=nofile | setlocal ft=sql | VipsqlOpenSession '"$*"

Or, if you'd prefer that every session gets its own tmp-file:

vipsql() {
    vim -c 'setlocal ft=sql | VipsqlOpenSession '"$*" $(mktemp -t vipsql.XXXXX)

Or perhaps always using the same file for the same provided args, so you can reuse queries from previous sessions:

vipsql() {
    local dir=${XDG_DATA_HOME:-"$HOME/.local/share"}"/vipsql/"
    local file=$(echo "$*" | tr -dc "[:alpha:]-=")".sql"
    mkdir -p "$dir"
    vim -c 'setlocal ft=sql | VipsqlOpenSession '"$*" "$dir$file"

For all of these, args are redirected to the underlying psql session, so e.g.

$ vipsql -d test

will start vim with vipsql already connected to the database test.


Note that vipsql uses the vim channels feature, so your vim must be at least version 8, and compiled with +channel. To test whether you're compatible, run:

$ vim --version | grep -o +channel

If the output is +channel you should be good to go.

Please also note that sending an interrupt (SIGINT) to psql (for example to cancel a long running query) results in killing the channel in versions of vim older than 8.0.0588 due to a bug.

Neovim should be supported, but I have not had the chance to test it, so please let me know if you are a neovim user and can confirm. One thing that definitely does not work for neovim is to send SIGINT, as there doesn't seem to be any support for sending arbitrary signals through neovim's job api yet.



Put the following in your .vimrc (and customize bindings to your liking):

" Starts an async psql job, prompting for the psql arguments.
" Also opens a scratch buffer where output from psql is directed.
noremap <leader>po :VipsqlOpenSession<CR>

" Terminates psql (happens automatically if the output buffer is closed).
noremap <silent> <leader>pk :VipsqlCloseSession<CR>

" In normal-mode, prompts for input to psql directly.
nnoremap <leader>ps :VipsqlShell<CR>

" In visual-mode, sends the selected text to psql.
vnoremap <leader>ps :VipsqlSendSelection<CR>

" Sends the selected _range_ to psql.
noremap <leader>pr :VipsqlSendRange<CR>

" Sends the current line to psql.
noremap <leader>pl :VipsqlSendCurrentLine<CR>

" Sends the entire current buffer to psql.
noremap <leader>pb :VipsqlSendBuffer<CR>

" Sends `SIGINT` (C-c) to the psql process.
noremap <leader>pc :VipsqlSendInterrupt<CR>


Configuration options (and their defaults) are:

" Which command to run to get psql. Should be simply `psql` for most.
let g:vipsql_psql_cmd = "psql"

" The prompt to show when running `:VipsqlShell`
let g:vipsql_shell_prompt = "> "

" What `vim` command to use when opening the output buffer
let g:vipsql_new_buffer_cmd = "rightbelow split"

" Commands executed after opening the output buffer
" Chain multiple commands together with `|` like so:
" "setlocal buftype=nofile | setlocal nowrap"
let g:vipsql_new_buffer_config = 'setlocal buftype=nofile'

" Whether or not to clear the output buffer on each send.
let g:vipsql_auto_clear_enabled = 0

" Whether or not to print a separator in the output buffer when sending a new
" command/query to psql. Has no effect if g:vipsql_auto_clear_enabled = 1.
let g:vipsql_separator_enabled = 0

" What that separator should look like.
let g:vipsql_separator = '────────────────────'


Copyright (c) Martin Gammelsæter. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.


A vim-frontend for interacting with psql







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