Obtaining Authentication Credentials from Google's new style API Console

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Google's New Style API Console

In a new browser window open Google's Developer API console.

At the first page "dashboard", click on [CREATE PROJECT].

A http://imgur.com/delete/FAm56SgDQzKFL5n

Provide a Product name and some sort of unique Project ID.

B http://imgur.com/delete/Ydpftnxd4D1HIUu

Open the menu [APIs & Auth] . . .

C http://imgur.com/delete/c8FpYu0c0JZlDDk

. . . and its submenu [Consent Screen].

At a minimum you must provide [EMAIL ADDRESS] and [PRODUCT NAME]. This page is your "calling card", which Google passes on to third parties. Make it nice. Confusing information here can increase your rejection rate.


Next open the [APIs & Auth] submenu [Credentials].

D http://imgur.com/delete/Mc9Wn9gf97jY0ww

Click on [Create new Client ID]


Choose [Installed application] and [Other] radio buttons, then click the [Create Client ID] button.


Click the button [Download JSON] and save to your project directory.